Thursday, January 8, 2015

The World of Sports 1/5/15

All the managers around the Thunder, Cavaliers, and Knicks are talking monday morning. They have decided to have a three way trade with each other including star shooting guard J.R Smith from the Knicks going to the Cavs. and key defencive player Iman Shumpert also from the Knicks Going to the Cavs. And lastly shooting guard Dion Waiters who has made a name for himself in the NBA for the last couple of years. averaging .404 field goal percentage from the floor.

Three team trade with Cavaliers Knicks and Thunder
J.R. Smith-Cavs
Dion Waiters-Thunder
Iman Shumpert-Cavs
More players get several guaranteed contracts

For the cavs they upgrade their starting 5 and overall defense with cleveland recently struggling in that area.  
In order to keep dion waiters healthy and on the thunder they need to manage his playing time and find him good shots around the floor.

Future first round pick for cavs from thunder.
"We wish Dion the best as he continues his career with the Thunder and thank him for his effort and work here with the Cavaliers," Cavs general manager David Griffin told reporters Monday night. He later stated "At the same time, we're very excited to welcome Iman and J.R. to Cleveland. With their size and versatility, we think both Iman and J.R. can help our team on both ends of the court, and we look forward to them joining us."

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